Saturday, January 24, 2015

If you had asked me back in November of 2013, if we were done having kids (and quiet a few did ask just that), I would have come back with "yes, we're done." I had just gotten to the point where I felt like our family was complete. Things were going well, we were comfortable. Our son was in Kindergarten, we had a daughter that had just turned a year old in August. Then one fateful day in December (the 28th to be exact) I just had a hunch.. I had a good feeling that I was pregnant and when the stick quickly showed those two pink lines, I just sat down. I may have said a few not so nice words.. I was in shock!

Fast forward to today: we are now a family of five! My husband and I have been together almost 11 years, married almost 8. Our oldest son, Jonah is 6 1/2. Ansleigh, our middle, is 2 1/2. And sweet, baby Josiah, is nearing 5 months old (already!?)

I've gone from working a full time job at a daycare to staying at home with my littles and babysitting, while Jonah goes to 1st grade. Starting this fall, we will begin homeschool! I'm so nervous but so excited about it! I plan to do preschool with Ansleigh as well as 2nd grade with Jonah.

So, why don't you come along with me on this new journey as I blog about our ups and downs that I'm sure we will go through with it? A little company would be nice.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The best feeling: when your baby is just waking up, touches your face, and smiles up at you like you are her most favorite person ever. I know I am and I LOVE it!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ansleigh Jane has arrived!

Ansleigh Jane
August 8th, 2012
7:42 p.m.
7 lbs. 9 oz. - 20 3/4 in

I started having contractions on Tuesday, August 7th. I'd be having random contractions a few days prior to then, but nothing consistent and then they'd fizzle out after a while. Tuesday they woke me up at 4:30 a.m. and I nearly woke up my hubby but laid there and timed them for about 2 1/2 hrs. I kept telling myself, let's get to 5 and see.. let's get to 5:30 and see.. this went on til 7 and then they fizzled out. I had them on and off all day long but they stayed with the same consistency.. 4-6 minutes apart, last for an hour or so, then stop for a while.

I had an appointment with my midwife the following day, but wasn't entirely sure I was going to make it to it, so I went ahead and took my shower and got my bags packed and ready to go just in case baby girl decided to make her arrival in the middle of the night.

Thankfully she waited til my appointment. I got there and was checked and was told I was 3 cm. I was only a 1/2 cm the following week and my midwife had predicted we'd have baby by the weekend. So my midwife sent me straight to the hospital "to be monitored." Well we get there and they said "are you Elizabeth?" - "yeap that's me" - "alright we'll get you in a room, they just called and said you're in labor." - "oh.. okay" I SO didn't feel like I was in any kind of labor at this point, I felt just fine, so it was a bit shocking to be told that I am lol!

We got there about 11 a.m. I laid hooked to the monitors for a while.. having small contractions that didn't even hurt at all.. just crampy. We walked around the halls for a while, looking at all the babies that we're being born. There were 4 born all on that day, including Ansleigh. The walking helped the contractions to get much stronger and closer together. Chris left to go get some lunch (and I pouted because I wasn't allowed to eat lol) because we thought we'd be there for a while longer since my water hadn't broke or anything. Well no sooner than he walks out, the doctor came in and said he was going to break my water. EEK! I was really worried this was going to hurt.. my water broke on it's own with my son and it just felt like I peed on myself.. very strange feeling! Thankfully it didn't hurt any, was just a bit uncomfortable. After that, the contractions went crazy! MUCH stronger! I called hubby and my mom and said they may want to hurry up and come! With my son, 3 hrs. after my water broke he made his arrival, so we were estimating baby girl would be here within 2 or 3 hrs. tops!

This is where it started getting much harder and me thinking to myself that maybe I should have opted for the epi after all. I was having MAJOR back labor! Chris was having to rub my lower back HARD every single contraction or I was absolutely miserable! Nothing would help but that. Needless to say, I felt like I had two big bruises on my back the next morning lol! But I stayed strong.. breathed through the contractions. I was definitely more vocal with this little girl than my son.. but like I said, the back labor was SO bad.. oh SO bad!

Contractions were everywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes apart lasting anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute and a half long! The 2 minute breaks were the best feeling in the world! They gave me a second to breath and relax and get ready for the next wave.

Around (I think) 2:30-3 p.m. I told my nurse that I HAD to have food.. I hadn't ate anything since 9:30 that morning and I'm extremely hypoglocemic. It was getting to the point that I was about to pass out with every contraction.. I needed sugar and fast! My nurse asked what would help and I told her anything with sugar. She asked if a my midwife said it was okay if a popsicle would help? I told her most definitely! So she came back a few minutes later with a red popsicle and a cup of jello and let me tell you, popsicles never tasted SO good! I felt much better after that and the jello.. it gave me the energy I needed for the next few hrs.

I got up at one point because I HAD to pee something awful.. well I stood up and I swore I had peed all over the place.. but as it kept going and going and going.. and going, I realized that I had MORE water coming out. It was insane! I flooded everywhere lol! With Jonah I barely had any fluid come out.. so this was SO weird! Weirdest feeling ever! Then I told Chris I still needed to pee.. him and mom were like "Are you sure you had to pee?!" lol.. but yes, I did.

Everything from this is a bit of a blur. I know my midwife got there around 6-6:30 p.m. and checked me. The nurse had told her what was going on.. when I'd have a contraction, my cervix would get paper thin and go from a 6 to an 8, but as soon as the contraction stopped, it would go back and thicken up. So Nancy checked and confirmed that it was doing that. We did a few practice pushes for a while and determined that Ansleigh was stuck on my pelvis. They tried pushing from the outside where her head was at to get it to pop under it but it wasn't working at all. Finally we decided that maybe turning over onto my knees and holding the back of the bed may help. I did this and had about 9 REALLY good contractions. At this point I was in excruciating pain! The contractions were coming back to back over and over, without letting up once.

Finally with the 5th contraction, I felt her head turn and slide under my pubic bone! After that she was coming!! And I made sure to let whoever in the room know lol! During this whole ordeal, I broke out in a sweat from head to toe, lost all of the popsicle and jello and heard Chris telling the nurses that he's never going to make me mad because I was literally screaming and growling.. getting mad that it was taking so long! lol! Finally I yeld "She's coming!!!" and Nancy said "She would definitely know!" I think maybe someone was going to check or something.. not really sure. I had no idea who was behind me at this point.. there could have been 50 people in the room but I wouldn't have noticed.

They told me I needed to turn over, and that hurt SO bad to do! I grabbed Chris' neck and he said I put him into a choke hold! LOL! Once I was turned back over, Ansleigh was making her arrival and FAST! I got to use the mirror and that helped SO much! Very motivating! I believe I had at least 4-5 contractions and then she was out!

Enjoying some skin on skin with my baby girl!

Very proud daddy!!

Only about 14 hrs. old :)

The proudest big brother ever! This was right after we got home :)

I'm very happy with my birth experience. I brought in a birth plan and the nurses and my midwife followed it wonderfully! I asked for no IV, instant skin on skin with baby, cut the cord after it stopped pulsating, push when I felt the contractions, no episiotomy unless medically necessary, no pain meds unless I asked, and for baby girl to room in with us unless we asked for her to go to the nursery. The nurses and staff at the hospital were wonderful! Everyone was so nice and helpful and made the whole experience great :)

I can't believe she's already a week old! 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

O... M... G!

So.. as I sat in the recliner yesterday afternoon while my son took his nap.. enjoying watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix, it hits me.. within a matter of days I will be holding my sweet, adorable, baby girl! Days! Not months, no longer more than 20 days away.. 16 DAYS to be a matter of fact! And that's if she decides to hang out until her EDD! In just a matter of days, there will be another living, breathing, human being in this house! I probably will no longer be sitting there enjoying the quiet while my son takes a nap.. a fact that I've come to realize will soon end since he is 4 now.. don't most kids stop napping by now or soon after? 

I hope he always lets me rock him for his naps.. I just love to look down and see this sweet face <3
 Emotions about this range from nervous to excited.

Excited because of the obvious, I'm very ready to meet my little Ansleigh Jane. I can't wait.. daddy can't wait, bubby can't wait, all family can't wait! We're all so very excited! We've all been dreaming of this day that we would have another little person added to our family.

But nervous.. very nervous because we'll be going from having a routine.. having to relearn a new schedule. We're all pretty set on what we do every day.. Jonah plays and watches movies, I browse online or craft, Chris watches TV or plays his guitar or goes metal detecting. We all have hobbies and habits that we're used to.. we've had 4 years to get to this point with Jonah. And now? Well now it's all about to change and that's a VERY scary thought! I don't remember feeling like this when I was pregnant and very close to the end with Jonah.. I was just excited! If Chris was nervous, I really don't remember.. he seemed just as excited as myself.

Plus, I'm really hoping Jonah adjusts to having a sissy quickly. I expect him to act out, which he's already starting to do more and more as the time comes nearer.. or he's just being a bit more sensitive and emotional over everything! I expect him to feel like he's not getting enough attention, because in all reality, it's been only him for 4 years now. He's not had to share mommy and daddy, or any other family members. It's just been him. His world is about to turn upside down from normal, to a new picture. And I think, as much as I talk to him about it, it's not going to sink in until sissy is actually here. I dread it. He's a big mommy's boy.. always has been.

I don't regret adding to our family at all! I'm just scared of the first few months that it takes to adjust to this new, living, breathing little person that's soon to enter our family. It's going to be fun, interesting, and challenging at times, but I think we'll all make it in the end. Families do this every day.. so surely it's not so bad! Right?

So I've been trying to be more patient with him.. and give him lots of love and attention. He's come to insist on rocking in "Answeigh's woom" before his naps. As of right now, he loves the 'idea' of sissy.. he gives her (my belly) lots of hugs and kisses and talks to her. I just hope that once she's here, this continues. Only time will tell!

Helping me make muffins this morning :) It's become our weekend ritual.. because lets face it, muffins are awesome!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Busy, busy, busy!

Well, first things first, I taught myself how to sew in February! I wanted to make Ansleigh's newborn stash of cloth diapers and I can say I definitely succeeded! 

This is my favorite pattern I've used, Rainy Days, found on . It's a two size pattern, so these that are pictured will fit from newborn-smalls. And when the time comes, if I chose to make them, I have the 2nd size which is a medium-large.

These, minus the very last one on the bottom right, are Darling Diapers.

And these four, are a modified Owl Haven diaper. They were the first I made.. not too fond of them but they're poo catchers, so as long as they work for that, I'm happy lol

Then I made this little gown using this pattern, newborn gown from t-shirt, though I just used fabric I had on hand instead of a t-shirt

Took a plain onesie, appliqued a piece of fabric to it and made a little skirt to go with it. The little hat is from this pattern, Poppy

This little hat was just made up off the top of my head after seeing them all over etsy.. proof for those that follow my blog that my knitting is coming along great!

I currently can't find the pattern I used for these, but they're super easy to make! The little red ones are to go with the Strawberry Shortcake outfit :)

This is one of my favorite items I've made to date.. it has it's own story. This little blanket has had the love of now 3 babies worked into it. I started it when I got pregnant in the fall of 2010 and put it down after I lost that baby. Then once I got pregnant last spring, I picked it back up and worked on it some more. After losing that baby, I just couldn't look at it. It wasn't until March, when I reached 18 weeks, that I felt comfortable working on it again. I love this little blanket. Since learning to sew, I added a flannel backing to it. It is super soft and will be a nice warm blanket for this fall/winter :)

Another little hat I made off the top of my head. Was intentionally supposed to be for in the hospital, but it turned out a bit bigger than I meant for it to. But that's fine, she can wear it this fall.

This little dress can be found here. I made the smallest size, but it's a very wide dress, so I'm not too sure how well it's going to fit. Either way it's still really cute!

The last of the wearable items I've made is this little dress! This is her coming home outfit :) The pattern can be found here. I myself, could not understand the pattern for the bottom of the dress, so I found another pattern that looks similar but was easier to understand. I'm still learning the ropes to knitting.. charts scare me lol!

Now for her room items!

The quality of the pictures, of the pictures, isn't the best because I had crappy lighting, but I made these to go in her room! Materials used: cardstock, felt flowers and crochet butterflies I had from making bows, hot glue, picture frame inserts, a foam board, and ribbon. Took me 3 days to make them, and I'm super happy with how the turned out. They were another "seen on etsy and figured I could make those myself" item. Being a crafty person is definitely a plus!

I found this idea on pinterest, following this idea and gave it a bit more. I have A LOT of little clips and bows for this little girl, so I had to have more spaces that I could clip the bows to.

Got crafty with some more cardstock and hot glue and did her wall letters. The letters themselves are wooden, but instead of painting them, I used two different cardstock prints to give it a bit more pizazz! I'm going to add ribbon to them and hang them from a pretty curtain rod above her crib.

This quilt was made using a tutorial from a blogger I actually have linked here, the tutorial can be found here. This is the first quilt I've ever made and I just hope it holds together lol! But following the tutorial made it SUPER simple.. it was much easier than I thought it would be! All together, it only took me 3-4 days to finish it. The front I got done in just a couple of hours :)

This mobile is yet another pinterest idea come to life. I found them on there, linked from etsy, here. Though I loved the ones I found there, I didn't have any paypal avaliable to purchase them. SOOOO being crafty, I went to Hobby Lobby and got all of my materials I needed: felt and polyfill, and began working on them. The actual mobile part is recycled from my son's mobile. I tried to do them with the wooden dowels like the shop owner did, but I couldn't figure that part out. I like it better this way anyways because now they can spin as the music box plays on the mobile :)

And last but not least! I just started/finished the diaper bag Wednesday while I was off work due to the holiday. It's another one of those projects I hope doesn't fall apart! I had no pattern at all for the bag.. just took the tips I learned while making the quilt and went from there. No measuring or anything was done.. so the fact that it came out even and no side was bigger than the other.. well that's just a little amazing LOL!

And here's an inside shot of it. It has 2 pockets on each side and I can stuff it with as many diapers and items as I need :)

Well I hope you've enjoyed this LONG show-n-tell! I'm sure there will be something else made before baby girl gets here, but for now, I'm done. Until I find the next craft I wish to learn!

I'm back!

Well for anyone that may possibly follow my blog.. I'm back! :) Lots of things happened over the course of the last few months.. been SUPER busy! Top of the list is I'm pregnant! We are expecting a little girl, Ansleigh Jane, due on the 14th of next month. I'm ecstatic and cannot wait to meet this little person!

26 Weeks 1 Day

34 Weeks! Growing big and strong!

This little girl is so unlike her brother already! She is MUCH more active in utero than he ever was.. making this mommy double over very often after having a foot jabbed into my rib cage! And I'm telling ya, she better come out with SOME form of hair on her head after all the heartburn I've been having! I never once had it with him and he was nearly bald with just a hint of peach fuzz :) But I'm loving all of this.. I'm loving all the braxton hicks I've been having, all the cramping, the uncomfortable moments, the restless sleep, the inability to get comfortable at night, the going pee every little bit since she thinks my bladder is a trampoline in the middle of the night.. I'm loving it all, I'm cherishing every minute of it. If you've been following my blog, you understand why. I'm so ready to have this little girl in my life. And especially if she is my last, I'm going to enjoy every minute of pregnancy that I can, since it really is such a short period of time compared to the rest of her life.

The busy part is the fact that I've been making a ton of stuff for her and the nursery over the course of the last few months, that I've really just haven't had a chance to write. And I've so missed writing on here and sharing my day with anyone that wants to know about it. But I'm back.. and plan to update whenever I get the chance :)

I'm going to write a follow up post right after this one with all of the items I've made this beautiful little girl, be looking for it!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Hello! So sorry for the long absence! I hope everyone is happy, warm, and in good health :)

It's a cooooooold, blustery, rainy, fall day here in Eastern Kentucky! Brrr! I stepped out to throw something to my hubby to take to the curb for the trash and quickly shut the door back! All I had on was capris and no socks, so I felt it for sure! Most definitely will be pulling out my thick fleece jacket for this weather. I normally don't like this kind of weather... but lately I've decided it's not so bad as long as I'm in the house watching it all happen from my window.. I can handle that just fine. The birds don't seem to mind and seem to be very happy that I still have the feeder plenty full for them. I had over 20 birds out there the other day enjoying the free food! I can't say that I blame them at all for it :)

Since we haven't really been up to too much lately, I'm just going to go through so quick pics I've taken over the last few days! Enjoy!

Tommy cat has really been enjoying the cool breeze coming in through the windows! He'll sit for hours as long as he's undisturbed and just watch the day go by :)

 I picked these from my mom's rose bush.. they were just buds when I got them and by the next morning they looked like this! Aren't they gorgeous! And oh my did they smell SOOOO good!! I love roses :)

My lil man is finally getting to where he'll give you great hugs! I just LOVE it! He'll come up to me and give me a big hug and tell me "I miss you mommy, I wuvs you mommy!" It melts my heart!

Then the other day I actually got him to sit still for a minute so that I could grab some fall portraits of him. I'm so excited! Thanks to, I'll soon have them sent to me in the mail and put up in frames around the house and passed out to friends and family!

This is the one I got for all of the portraits.. I just love this picture!

Ah he just melts my heart! I love him so much!