Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pom Pom Hat

Pom Pom Hat

  Worsted Weight Yarn
  G Hook 
  Tape Measure
  Yarn Needle
  Pom Pom Maker

1st- Get the measurment of the head circumfrence
2nd- Get measurment from brow to crown
These measurements will determine the size of the hat.
This pattern is written out to fit a 19 1/2 in. head and 7 in. brow to crown.

Row 1: Ch 11, Sc in 2nd Ch from hook, Sc in each Ch across, Ch 1, (10 Sc)
Row 2: In back loops only, Sc in each St across, Ch 1 (10 Sc)
Row 3-70: In back loops only, Sc in each St across, Ch 1 (10 Sc)

When you reach the point where it is at least an inch smaller than head circumfrence, start joining the 1st row to the last row with Sl St. For a toddler size, I made 70 rows. Once you've joined the brim together, Ch 1.

Row 71: Sc in end of each row, join with a Sl St to beginning Ch 1, Ch 2, Do not turn (70 Sc)
Row 72: Dc in same St and in each St across, join with a Sl St to beginning Ch 2, Ch 2 (70 Dc)
Row 73-81: Dc in same St and in each St across, join with a Sl St to beginning Ch 2, Ch 2 (70 Dc)

When you reach the point that the hat fits from brow to crown, turn hat inside out (do NOT cut yarn!) and join the last row of the hat together with a Sl St all the way across. Finish off.

Make Pom Poms and join to top corners of the hat! Enjoy! :)

Summer Garden Granny Update..

I've been working like crazy on this blanket! I've gotten 40 squares completed so far and 30 of them sewn together! Still have 60 more to make! I'm going to be working on this for a while I can tell already, but I'm absolutely LOVING it! The colors are most definitely me and surprisingly my husband actually likes it. To me, it's a bit girly, but I'm glad to know that he likes it well enough for it to be on the bed. So here's an updated pic of what I have sewn together. I've been using Lucy's joining method and it is making this blanket a whole lot less intimidating!

(front yard - the tree had a swing in it for Little Man, but I just noticed Monday afternoon that it was killing the limb, so it was taken down last night. I'm hoping that the limb will heal and not die!)

(The back yard.. we really need to do something with it! I'm hoping to plant a nice bunch of flowers around the yard next year.. really want to put a fence up as well but we'll have to see how money is next year)

Today looks like it's going to be a very nice day indeed! I got up early enough that I got to see that it was still a little foggy outside. I'm normally up around 7:30 and get to see this site on most days, but where I had my surgery on Tuesday, I've been laying in the bed until hubby gets up and can help me get up as well. I tell ya, I'm soooo sore! I was only supposed to have 4 holes put in me to get the gallbladder out and for some reason I have 5. Hopefully I will find out the reason for that next Wednesday. I'm so glad to have it out though.. you don't know how great it is to know that I can eat whatever I want now and not have to worry about having a gallbladder attack from it! That right there makes me not even worry about the pain I'm having from the surgery! I would really enjoy popping my back though! I do on a daily, hourly, secondly (not really lol) basis.. and my back is so incredibly stiff! I'll be glad when I'm not so sore that I can pop it.. I believe I'll feel so much better!

Hope everyone is having a lovely day!

Lil Man's Monster!

So I've been working on a monster stuffie for my son :) I haven't made a stuffie in sooooo long! The last one I made was for my husband's littlest cousin, and that was a giraffe. Needless to say, C, LOVES  his giraffe and has named him "Giraffy Raffy" and 5 years later is still sleeping with him. Makes me feel good to know this :) I wish I had a picture of Giraffy Raffy but I don't.. he's very cute!

So inspired by the fact that my son is almost 3 and I have never made him a stuffie, I thought it would be good to do so! I didn't want to make a common animal.. I wanted something a bit goofy, a bit bright, and just all around... different. And what came of those thought was what I keep calling "Buttons."

He's red, with crazy hair, weird ears, a crooked mouth with a couple of teeth, and covered in buttons!

And so begins the monster :)

Looking a little goofier each day!

My son already loves him!

Nearly finished!

After a couple weeks of not working on him, I've picked him back up on my hook and have told my son when he gets home this afternoon from 'nanny's house' that he'll be finished! He jumped for joy at this info! I will post pictures tonight after I get him done! 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A day full of circles..

My son is obsessed with shapes right now.. I'm sure it's because he's proud of himself for knowing them. This took a lot of work.. I guess it would since he's not yet 3. We're learning numbers, finally, as well! And he has his colors almost all figured out! Yeah, I'm a proud mommy! During the day, he will constantly ask you "what's that mommy?" or whomever, and we always pretend that we don't know so that he'll go on to tell us what it is. So all day today, as normal, he's constantly pointing out shapes. He told me the bathroom ceiling was a square as I was brushing his teeth, then he come running into the living room to exclaim that he made a circle out of his train tracks! This one he was very proud of for sure since he had done it himself and made a complete track all by himself! That is an accomplishment!

Also, I've been working on centers for my blanket that I'm making up for our bed.. more circles! So I've seen circles all day long! Don't they just look lovely!

Well I hope everyone is having a nice day :) I'm off to make my circles into squares! I'm sure my son will enjoy that!


Saturday, June 25, 2011

My "Summer Garden Granny"

Whew! Lots to post today!

I felt great yesterday when I got to work and found out that I actually had a check with my name on it! This is a normal thing every other Friday for sure, but this Friday was different. You see, I had been off of work for the 2 weeks before last, due to my crappy gallbladder and then finding out I had a m/c, then having to have a D&C.. very rough 2 weeks for sure. I'm happy to say that I'm fine and well right now.. getting passed the grief of it all. Crocheting helped me get through it... I'll swear by it if I have too.. it definitely kept my mind off of it, crocheting lil man's blanket with all it's very happy colors!

(Note: This photo doesn't do the colors justice at all!)

Anyways! Due to having this check, just a little extra money I didn't think I had, I drove myself over to Hobby Lobby to pick up some yarn to make an afghan for our bed. I chose the colors Ivory, Med. Green, Dark Olive, Old Rose, and Aubergine. Lovely colors!! We're going to be painting our walls in our room a very light sage color, so I think this blanket is going to look very well indeed in there! I can't wait to get it done!

This afternoon I enjoyed a little bit of hooky time outdoors, which doesn't happen too often here in the summer. It's normally very hot here this time of year and the past 2 days have been almost cool out! The breeze was wonderful! My son enjoyed himself in the pool for a bit:

But then he told me that it was too cold and I guess he figured driving his cars on the little trampoline and up mommy's legs was more more enjoyable. :) Whatever makes him happy!


(The car's convo he made them have: "Wanna go up mommy's head?" "Nah, go down to mommy's toes")

While hooking, I enjoyed the perfect breeze we've had the last few days, the little tree we planted our 2nd year in the house:

(It's a seedling from our Maple tree in the front yard. I'm proud of our little tree! It's as tall as lil man!)

I enjoyed watching the bumble bees and yellow jackets collecting pollen:

("Mr. Bee, I don't mind you as long as you stay on the clover and not on me!")

And I mostly enjoyed laying out my squares I have done so far! Don't they just look lovely with the clover? I think this blanket is going to turn out very nice! Can't wait to get more done :)

If I have anyone reading this yet, I hope you've enjoyed what I've got so far and I hope you plan to come back and see how I turn my house into a nice homey home!


A bit of prittle prattle..

We moved into our house November of 2007.. crazy enough for me, it's the house right next to my parents. Which means I've lived on this street my entire life! So for that reason alone, it's not until now, that this house is really starting to feel like home! For the first 2-3 years, it just felt like a connected piece to my parents. In a way it still does. I'm over there nearly every day, taking my son to "nanny and papaw's house" and picking him up after I get off of work. Even on the weekends I normally find some reason to walk over there. I love living next to my parents, it makes me feel very close with them. Sometimes I suppose it can get a bit mettlesome, but that is alright and can be looked over. My son absolutely loves it.. I doubt he has any issues with it *lol*

But since this house is finally starting to feel like home, I feel the need to decorate it more, to make it mine. To make it a homey home! I love to crochet! I've been crocheting since the spring of '04, right after I started dating my now hubby! Therefore, I want to crochet everything!!! I keep coming up with ideas of items I would love to make for my home.

I just finished this blanket, based off of this lovely pattern of  Lucy's Granny Stripe . I love, love, love, LOVE it! The pattern works up so beautifully and is so easy and quick! I worked on it a full week and a half and got it done! I will most definitely be doing more of these!

And as you can see, it's now in it's official home, little man's bed. He adores it! I think it suits him and his room very well indeedy!

Since finishing that blanket, I've now started on a tree skirt (3 to do!!), a monster stuffie for my little man, two smaller granny stripe blankets for a couple of baby cousins, and just started a blanket for my bed. I haven't crocheted anything really since last fall.. I guess I just lost the bug for a while and it just bit me again and now I'm super duper hooked and can't stop!

The new blanket I'm working on is another from Lucy's blog. It's the Summer Garden Granny Square. I've done up 8 squares so far, only changing the pattern a bit by making the squares 2 rows wider. They're turning out wonderful! I'm already in love! I didn't want to make just a plain granny square.. I wanted something with a bit more to it. I never was a fan of a granny square, but they're becoming more desirable to me since I've seen some very lovely ones on Raverly!!

The beginning

Hi there! Welcome to my blog! I've wanted to start one for some time now and never find the chance to start or have anything to blog about. I think the time has finally come! I've read many blogs over the years, I've started a few of my own as well and never kept up with them. Not having anything to write about, I just let them go. Finally, I feel I have something to write about, something to share with the world, something other bloggers and crafters will enjoy.