Saturday, June 25, 2011

A bit of prittle prattle..

We moved into our house November of 2007.. crazy enough for me, it's the house right next to my parents. Which means I've lived on this street my entire life! So for that reason alone, it's not until now, that this house is really starting to feel like home! For the first 2-3 years, it just felt like a connected piece to my parents. In a way it still does. I'm over there nearly every day, taking my son to "nanny and papaw's house" and picking him up after I get off of work. Even on the weekends I normally find some reason to walk over there. I love living next to my parents, it makes me feel very close with them. Sometimes I suppose it can get a bit mettlesome, but that is alright and can be looked over. My son absolutely loves it.. I doubt he has any issues with it *lol*

But since this house is finally starting to feel like home, I feel the need to decorate it more, to make it mine. To make it a homey home! I love to crochet! I've been crocheting since the spring of '04, right after I started dating my now hubby! Therefore, I want to crochet everything!!! I keep coming up with ideas of items I would love to make for my home.

I just finished this blanket, based off of this lovely pattern of  Lucy's Granny Stripe . I love, love, love, LOVE it! The pattern works up so beautifully and is so easy and quick! I worked on it a full week and a half and got it done! I will most definitely be doing more of these!

And as you can see, it's now in it's official home, little man's bed. He adores it! I think it suits him and his room very well indeedy!

Since finishing that blanket, I've now started on a tree skirt (3 to do!!), a monster stuffie for my little man, two smaller granny stripe blankets for a couple of baby cousins, and just started a blanket for my bed. I haven't crocheted anything really since last fall.. I guess I just lost the bug for a while and it just bit me again and now I'm super duper hooked and can't stop!

The new blanket I'm working on is another from Lucy's blog. It's the Summer Garden Granny Square. I've done up 8 squares so far, only changing the pattern a bit by making the squares 2 rows wider. They're turning out wonderful! I'm already in love! I didn't want to make just a plain granny square.. I wanted something with a bit more to it. I never was a fan of a granny square, but they're becoming more desirable to me since I've seen some very lovely ones on Raverly!!

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