Sunday, June 26, 2011

A day full of circles..

My son is obsessed with shapes right now.. I'm sure it's because he's proud of himself for knowing them. This took a lot of work.. I guess it would since he's not yet 3. We're learning numbers, finally, as well! And he has his colors almost all figured out! Yeah, I'm a proud mommy! During the day, he will constantly ask you "what's that mommy?" or whomever, and we always pretend that we don't know so that he'll go on to tell us what it is. So all day today, as normal, he's constantly pointing out shapes. He told me the bathroom ceiling was a square as I was brushing his teeth, then he come running into the living room to exclaim that he made a circle out of his train tracks! This one he was very proud of for sure since he had done it himself and made a complete track all by himself! That is an accomplishment!

Also, I've been working on centers for my blanket that I'm making up for our bed.. more circles! So I've seen circles all day long! Don't they just look lovely!

Well I hope everyone is having a nice day :) I'm off to make my circles into squares! I'm sure my son will enjoy that!