Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lil Man's Monster!

So I've been working on a monster stuffie for my son :) I haven't made a stuffie in sooooo long! The last one I made was for my husband's littlest cousin, and that was a giraffe. Needless to say, C, LOVES  his giraffe and has named him "Giraffy Raffy" and 5 years later is still sleeping with him. Makes me feel good to know this :) I wish I had a picture of Giraffy Raffy but I don't.. he's very cute!

So inspired by the fact that my son is almost 3 and I have never made him a stuffie, I thought it would be good to do so! I didn't want to make a common animal.. I wanted something a bit goofy, a bit bright, and just all around... different. And what came of those thought was what I keep calling "Buttons."

He's red, with crazy hair, weird ears, a crooked mouth with a couple of teeth, and covered in buttons!

And so begins the monster :)

Looking a little goofier each day!

My son already loves him!

Nearly finished!

After a couple weeks of not working on him, I've picked him back up on my hook and have told my son when he gets home this afternoon from 'nanny's house' that he'll be finished! He jumped for joy at this info! I will post pictures tonight after I get him done!