Saturday, June 25, 2011

My "Summer Garden Granny"

Whew! Lots to post today!

I felt great yesterday when I got to work and found out that I actually had a check with my name on it! This is a normal thing every other Friday for sure, but this Friday was different. You see, I had been off of work for the 2 weeks before last, due to my crappy gallbladder and then finding out I had a m/c, then having to have a D&C.. very rough 2 weeks for sure. I'm happy to say that I'm fine and well right now.. getting passed the grief of it all. Crocheting helped me get through it... I'll swear by it if I have too.. it definitely kept my mind off of it, crocheting lil man's blanket with all it's very happy colors!

(Note: This photo doesn't do the colors justice at all!)

Anyways! Due to having this check, just a little extra money I didn't think I had, I drove myself over to Hobby Lobby to pick up some yarn to make an afghan for our bed. I chose the colors Ivory, Med. Green, Dark Olive, Old Rose, and Aubergine. Lovely colors!! We're going to be painting our walls in our room a very light sage color, so I think this blanket is going to look very well indeed in there! I can't wait to get it done!

This afternoon I enjoyed a little bit of hooky time outdoors, which doesn't happen too often here in the summer. It's normally very hot here this time of year and the past 2 days have been almost cool out! The breeze was wonderful! My son enjoyed himself in the pool for a bit:

But then he told me that it was too cold and I guess he figured driving his cars on the little trampoline and up mommy's legs was more more enjoyable. :) Whatever makes him happy!


(The car's convo he made them have: "Wanna go up mommy's head?" "Nah, go down to mommy's toes")

While hooking, I enjoyed the perfect breeze we've had the last few days, the little tree we planted our 2nd year in the house:

(It's a seedling from our Maple tree in the front yard. I'm proud of our little tree! It's as tall as lil man!)

I enjoyed watching the bumble bees and yellow jackets collecting pollen:

("Mr. Bee, I don't mind you as long as you stay on the clover and not on me!")

And I mostly enjoyed laying out my squares I have done so far! Don't they just look lovely with the clover? I think this blanket is going to turn out very nice! Can't wait to get more done :)

If I have anyone reading this yet, I hope you've enjoyed what I've got so far and I hope you plan to come back and see how I turn my house into a nice homey home!


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