Friday, July 1, 2011

Busy busy busy!

I'm so busy today! My son is staying with my parents again today since I'm still not up to really taking care of him after having surgery on Tuesday. He of course has no problems with that at all! :) So while he's out, and hubby is out, I have the house to myself. I do love it when it's so quiet in here and it's just me.. I love a peaceful environment.

So on the agenda today is the main thing.. do laundry.. it's kind of piling up and needs to be done. The house needs tidying up a bit as well. But those two are things that wont take all that long. As far as crocheting goes, I'm determined to finish the tree skirt I'm making for my aunt.. I'm guessing I have about 8 more rows on it until it's the size she's asked for. Then I need to make up more squares for our bedspread. And if I get a bit more time sometime today, I'm going to work on my newest project, (yeah I have like 10 going right now!) a doily.

Now this is the first time I've ever worked with thread, or this small of a hook. It's always been very intimidating to even think of trying a doily, but I was wanting to make some snowflakes for this Christmas to give out as little gifts for everyone's tree. Well.. one thing led to another and I totally forgot the snowflakes all together and went straight for the hard stuff. Call me crazy, but I just love this doily and have to have one for my own!

Here's the one I'm working on.. it's called "A Touch of the Irish"

Yep, just that picture alone is intimidating but I love it! It's gorgeous and I must have one too! So while I eat my banana and drink my huge cup of coffee, I begin on my doily, and I just hope it turns out looking as nice as the one above!

Hope everyone has a lovely day!