Sunday, July 24, 2011

Good Sunday morning to you! I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I can say I've had a pretty busy one.. good, yes, but oh my was yesterday so busy!! I started my day out with every intention to start making up 4 more Mario's.. got orders for them. Then I got side tracked by wanting to rearrange my living room. Normally this doesn't take very long, just a few minutes spent putting the living set into another way. I started out by moving the chair, then scooting the couch.. gotta move my recliner in order to get the couch where I wanted it, but have to get the couch out of the way.. So you can probably imagine.. I have to scoot one, pull another, go back and scoot again, over and over. Well I finally got them and vacumed every so often so I could get everything before it was covered. Well then I got distracted by the fact that my window sill looked aweful! So I got out the tooth brush, rags, and cleaner and got to work! Got that done and noticed that the baseboards below it looked just as bad! I've had stuff spill sooo many times *thanks to a certian lil man!* so that was no surprise there at all. Finally I got all of that done! Whew.. by that point I was already thinking "What did I get myself into?!" and I admit, I was looking for more dust bunnies to get too and found WAY more than I expected under the entertaintment center.. oh my!

My mom calls around this time to tell me that they had rented a carpet cleaner and had plans on coming over and doing my livingroom.. ahhhhh!! I had just gotten everything nearly where I wanted it.. darn it! So then I had to move what I could into the kitchen so that the carpets could be cleaned! And oh did then SO need it! My poor cat gets sick a lot.. no idea why. So there was quiet a few stains from him. Then the usual foot traffic. I have already told hubby "No more shoes in the living room!!! At all!!" We'll see just how long he listens! Grr!

By the end of everything, I think it took me close to 5 hours of everything! But the result is worth every minute spent huffing and puffing!

So what do you think? Does it look inviting? Does it say "Come sit down and have a chat?" I really hope so.. that's what I was going for. The way it was before didn't invite you sit down. We rarely get much company, so it's just us anyways, but whenever we do, no one really sits down in here. Maybe this will change that. I'm sure you can pick out which chair I do all my crochet in *hehe* I have my own lil corner that I do everything in. The crochet blanket on the back of the couch isn't my own work.. it's my MIL's. Does the job well for right now, but I definitely plan to make another Granny Stripe blanket or a ripple with many different colors to go on the back of it!

On a different note, hubby and I had a 'date night' last night!! That was exciting! We rarely go out to have an actual date night, alone! We went and seen Harry Potter and it was SOOOOOOO good!! If we had extra money just to spend I would most definitely be going back to see it again! I don't think I can wait til the end of this year to get it on DVD.. but I guess I must.. darn. We did origionally have plans to go out and eat as well, but we had limited time after hubby got off of work. So we just grabbed a quick drive thru order and ate on the way to the movie. It all worked out :)

After the movie we did a quick run in at Wal-Mart to get a few needed things.. and a couple of items we just wanted. My choice was some size 3 crochet thread, a slouchy beanie pattern book, and a pair of circular knitting needles.

Being that I love to make hats, and really want to learn to knit, these are a must I think. I did try to do knitting in the round with 5 needles and let me just tell you, that is impossible, I don't care what the lady on the youtube video says, it's impossible! Trying that nearly resulted in the needles being thrown across the room! So hopefully these will help! Plus I really want to make lil man a sweater for this fall and it seems I need these to do it. Now though, I really need to learn how to knit, really, because I keep messing up and it's a big jumbled up mess and I keep losing stitches somehow. I really just don't get it.. but I am so determined to learn this!

And the very last thing I did before bed last night, I got started on the back for my cushion, finally! I finally got a spot of time to do it. Plus my brain was just too tired to even think of beginning work on the Mario's!

So this was my completely busy Saturday! I was sooo ready for bed last night and pretty sure I was out like a light! Oh and it was also the very first time my son spent the night away from home! Of course, it was just right next door, but still! That was different! I had all these hopes that I would get to sleep in passed 8 this morning, which is when he normally gets me up. I beat it by 5 minutes.. got up at 8:05. Oh well... got my coffee going and starting working on my cushion some more, so it's all good. Now getting ready to hop on over to mom's for a bite of breakfast and get my boy.

Hope everyone has a lovely day!!