Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happy Rainy Day

Good Saturday morning!! Glad to see you here :) I hope everyone's day is going as well as my own. Today is one of those days that just makes me so happy to be a mommy! We've had a pretty good day, myself and lil man! I gotta say, there are some Saturdays where he does drive me a bit bonkers, he has a tendency to be quiet loud!! I am a very quiet person.. I enjoy very quiet things (crocheting, reading, listening to quiet music.. yeah those sorts of things!) So when he's loud, I feel very frazzled! Today though (and I could just be losing my mind) and for the last week or so, he seems to be calming a bit.. so glad if this is the case!

We've had a good morning. He's gone between watching movies in mommy and daddy's room, to coming back to the living room to cuddle on my lap while I crochet or browse online. One of the little cuddle sessions consisted of reading "Robin Hood," one of his favorites! This little book came from daddy, one he had as a kid and loved as well. My hubby has been helping his papaw at their house, trying to clean up the basement that had a bit of flooding and ruined pretty much everything! As far as I know, this box of books was salvageable, and I am SO glad! I'm a huge book fan and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that my kiddo is very much into books! I enjoy reading to him, I enjoy the quiet cuddle time it brings with it! Now I really need to invest in a book shelf for him because he is getting a really good collection going!

After reading the book, he went back to whatever he was doing before.. either playing with trains, or watching Thomas the train (he's a big train fan!) and I went back to reading through some blogs. I've decided to make some bunting and I am SO excited about it! I have a good amount of card stock paper hanging around not being used, so I'm going to use it! I think I'm going to put it in my kitchen.. maybe.. or the bedroom. I really don't know. I just know I'm going to make it! 

He's starting to get a really good, high jump going!

While browsing online, I noticed some clouds rolling in... getting darker and darker outside. I didn't even know it was supposed to rain, but it was very much appreciated what little we did get! Since it wasn't a bit cold out and wasn't thundering any, I took lil man out to splash in puddles and play in the rain. Oh did he LOVE that!! He splashed, he ran, he jumped and he skipped! He played with sticks and leaves and marveled at the fact that mommy was allowing him outside while it was raining! He kept saying "mommy, it's rainin', I all wet!" and asking me what was happening and what was falling (many times!) I love this age! He is FULL of questions and I love being able to give him the answers he's looking for! I think we were out there for a good 30 minutes or more! Plenty of time for him to get soaked, and for bigger thundering clouds to roll in! So in we went, into the deepest tub full of warm water he's ever had (he said it was a "simmin' poo" lol.)

Here, he told me he was "hopping" but I think it looks like more of a skip :)

Soon, rain boots were traded for bare feet, and even more skipping, hopping, and jumping fun! And I might just be a biased mommy, but I do think he has the cutest little feet ever!

Now we're sitting here, just finishing up lunch and watching, instead of reading, Robin Hood. Like I said, it's a favorite! But I see a pair of sleepy eyes and it's time for lil man to go down for his afternoon nap, and time for mommy to get herself a shower and get to working on the bunting I have planned out in my head!!

While typing this, this showed up! I went to the kitchen to start up the bigger computer and seen this out the door! Doesn't that just look a bit ominous? Sunny with REALLY dark storm clouds in the back rolling in! And oh did it roll in alright! It poured!

P.S. Got a bit of crochet goodies to show you all here in a bit.. it's all on my other computer, so it'll have to wait til later, probably tomorrow afternoon when lil man takes his nap :)