Monday, July 4, 2011

Hooky busy-ness

Happy 4th of July to everyone!! Hope you've all had a great day! I can honestly say I haven't really done much this weekend as far as going out and doing stuff. We went over and had a nice visit with my parents, brother and grandparents last night. We grilled out and shot off some fireworks. My grandma and I talked crochet :).. I told her I think it's funny that out of all of her children (8) and grandchildren (way too many to count at the moment lol) I'm the only one that picked up the craft and continued with it. I love having that in common with her (and my father's mom as well!)

As far as crafting goes, I've been really busy! I've worked on a tree skirt (now have 4 of those to do!!), made half of a cover for one of our couch cushions, worked on some more of my squares for our bed, made the home picture, made leaves and flowers for my twiggy tree and made a mandala pot holder! Busy busy!!

Isn't it turning out so pretty? It reminds me of a dogwood tree, which is one of my favorites! I got the inspiration from Lucy but I wanted to put my own little twist to it!

I decided to get a bit festive this weekend.. my hubby's great-grandma made it and his grandpa gave it to us. I'm not a lover of red, white, and blue together at all, but figured since we have it in the house, it might as well make an apperance at least once a year!

Our couch - blue granny square made by hubby's mom .. not sure when. It needs a bit more color I think, but it makes a nice cover for now. The pillow to the right is the cover I'm working on. I'm the only adult that likes it however.. my son loves it as much as I do! I have never liked the pattern on our cushions, they came with the couch. So I'm going to make them awesome!!

Close up of the cushion!! Many many many hearts!! LOVE it! It's the same pattern as the blanket I'm making for our bed :)

And the pretty little mandala pot holder I made up this afternoon! I've seen these all over blogs here and here and Raverly and had to make up my own as well! I seen many more of these in my future I think.

Well I'm off.. my son hasn't had a nap at all today, normally has one that last at least 3 hours! So he's a bit slap happy to say the least and a bit loud, so concentration is not possible right now lol!

I leave you with a cute *to me* little frog that hubby found on the side of our house yesterday. A white tree frog.. never seen that before!


  1. Your pillow cover and potholder are very pretty - great work. :)

  2. Your getting a great start on your blog. I like your projects.

    Visiting from the Crochetville blog post.

  3. Thank you for your comments and visiting!!