Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Knock Out Rose :)

Thanks to my mom showing me how to snip the ends after the flowers die, it's starting to grow and look really good!! My goal is to have a whole yard full of flowers by next summer! Now let me just add to this by saying that I absolutely do NOT have a green thumb whatsoever. That skill was given to my brother who grows stuff every single year. So I've already asked him if he'd show me the ropes next year, and thankfully he agreed!

 The two roses on the bush right now! I love this color pink! It's such a bright and happy color! And I cannot forget to mention my cute little gnome keeping watch over my little garden.. he's a cute little fellow. Hubby and my mom think he looks like one of the 7 dwarves from Snow White.. either way, I like him!

(Another shot of the first rose)

And the little Preying Mantis that has set up home on the bush aparently since he's been there for the last 3 days. Anyone know if these are pests to the plant.. or if he's just hanging out for the heck of it?