Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Quiet morning

I just love it when I get up before everyone else in the house. I love the quietness of it. I love being able to sit and crochet or read and sip my cup of coffee or tea (both of which I never got around to making this morning.. darn!). I had my alarm set for 8.. I was up by 7:15.. why? Because the sun woke me up! lol.. if I roll over and happen to peep out of my eyes, and see the sun, well, that's it, I'm up for the day! I've had a pretty productive morning so far though! I finished up some more rounds on my blanket squares.. I think I did about 12ish.. this morning. Each square in this photo still gets two more rounds each. I figure I need about 30 more squares made total after finishing these, before I can start on the border for the blanket! Lots of work but I believe the end result will be SOOO worth it all!!

So far this morning, I have worked on this, scrubbed the cat litter box *ew!*, scrubbed the laundry room floor *because my cat keeps pissing all over it instead of the litter box!* done two loads of laundry, done some bills, and now I'm getting ready to feed myself and lil man.. we're a bit hungry! So I would say I've had a pretty busy morning so far, and I still have to go to work here in a bit.. whew. I may just be worn out before this day is over with. And yet I'll still be up around 1 a.m. *lol*

About 10ish, I started hearing lil man in his room playing. Happened to be able to sneak up on him to grab a quick pic to capture what he was doing. He was making Tigger and Pooh talk and hug each other.. he loves those lil guys! If you can see by his feet, there is his completed Mario, who he insisted on sleeping with last night! He absolutely LOVES him! And so do I for that matter :) So on that note, here is Mario

Isn't he just the greatest!! He was a little tricky to get put together as far as his head goes, but I got it figured out in the end and LOVE him! He's awesome if I do say so myself!

And lil man with his new Mario! I asked him to give me a smile and this was what I got *lol*