Sunday, July 10, 2011


Last night was so much fun.. and in a way, a bit sad. Fun, because we all had a great time hanging out, laughing, drinking *not so much for me*, playing games, and munching on some good food. Sad, because my best friend since the 1st grade, that is to say, best friend for the last 20 years, is moving all the way across the country. Though I wish her and her guy the best of luck, I will truly miss her and look forward to when she comes back home to visit! I regret that we haven't been as close in the last few years, but she will always be my best friend.. nothing will ever change that. She has always been like a sister to me.. I've always thought of her as the sister I never had. I wouldn't change any of it for the world. I have such fond memories of us growing up together and I cherish them! So R, if you're reading this, I had the best night last night.. definitely needed to get out and have fun, especially after the crazy month I've just had, and I did!