Monday, August 1, 2011

Adventures in knitting!

It's been a little over a month now since I first picked up some knitting needles.. there have been tears, tantrums, and many moments where I've just wanted to throw all my needles, book, and DVD in the trash! 

This is one of the very first attempts at the garter stitch.. this little swatch took me a good hour or so.. I'm so slow!

A month later and practice with the garter and purl stitches are getting better! I'm still slower than Christmas, but it's starting to look much better! I'm finally happy with it and starting to feel comfortable with these stitches.

Gave knitting in the round with 5 needles a good honest try last night. Now, this is NOT even close to my first attempt at this! I tried about 2-3 weeks ago after watching a youtube video and it was horrible!! It was so bad that I didn't even want to try for a while! I've also tried on the circular needle I bought a week or so ago.. now that is HARD!! I have no idea why it's so hard, but it is! Maybe it's because I'm trying to make hats? Maybe hats don't work on that type of needle? I really don't know.. I just know it's a big jumbled up mess.. not even worth taking pics of it.. it's bad!

So last night after trying to knit in the round, and messing it up (what else is new) I said screw the hats, and decided to go on and start making lil man's sweater! And thankfully, it's done on straight needles and not on circular ones like I was afraid it would. I can do straight knitting.. that's getting easy finally! And I also have to thank my grandma next time I see her, because I didn't have the size needles this pattern calls for.. or I didn't think I did anyways. She gave me a big bunch of needles a while back and there just happened to be a set of size 7 needles in there! Yay!

I hope this sweater works out.. I only have 3 skiens of the variated yarn, two of which match and one that doesn't. Sooooo.. it might not look 'uniform' and right, but it's going to be made one way or another!!


  1. Give the magic loop a try next time you want to make hats. You need a circular needle with a 40" cord at minimum. DPNs terrify me, so good attempt on using them :) Everything will get easier with practice.

  2. I'll have to look for a long circular needle then, the one I have is only 29-30 inches.. Going to go look up the magic loop!! Thanks for the advice and comment! :)