Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hello everyone!! Happy weekend to you! Can't say too much has gone on around here the last few days... lots of staying home or going to work and a bit of crocheting and knitting in between.

Last weekend we took a trip out to the county soccer fields and watched my brother shoot off a rocket. I think lil man was more excited to be in a big field with tons of running room! He ran and ran and ran! See that little bitty speck way out there, yeap, that's little man! He had so much fun!

The first go around, my brother had to go WAY out in neck high grass just to find the rocket, the wind carried it away! The second shoot ended up with the wind catching it while it was falling and sticking it right in the top of a VERY tall tree. Needless to say, the rocket that has sat in his room for years is no longer in his possession. Kind of sucks if you think about it. Lil man was all excited about it! He'd been playing with it at the house and saying that it was going to space and going to visit Mars, something he got off watching Mickey Mouse. He asked on the way home where the rocket was since it wasn't coming back with us, so we told him it went to the moon :), seemed to satisfy him good enough.

Having fun on daddy's shoulders! :)

As for knitting, I feel like I've learned quiet a bit the last few days! It's like crochet really, once you learn the basic stitches, it's not all that hard. Sure, there are PLENTY of things that have me on the edge of my seat when I'm trying to figure them out, but once I get them, I have them.

After the green striped hat that didn't turn out so well, I found this hat and knew right away that I HAD to make it for my son! He absolutely loves anything Mario (as if you can't tell from the pj's!) and I'm happy to say that this hat fits him perfectly! It's got plenty of stretch and plenty of room to grow! So assuming we don't lose it or something unfortunate doesn't happen to it, I can see it being worn for a few years yet!

Next I looked around for an owl pattern and made this little swatch that I am so proud of! I want to make myself something with some owls on it, but haven't decided what yet.. hmmm. By the way, I didn't wear my owl pj's on purpose while making this, but it made a nice little background for it I thought :)

Wednesday we took a trip to Hobby Lobby, out of the blue really. I got off work 2 hrs. earlier than normal, did a little mental jig, then took off to Richmond! I lucked out completely! I had found a pattern for a scarf that I really liked and knew I wanted to get a nice yarn for it.. was actually considering getting the "Bamboo Ewe" brand anyways! And just my luck, I get there and they have a few skeins of it on clearance! 2nd mental jig of the night happened then! They also had "Fisherman's Wool" on clearance as well, so I grabbed a skein of it for hubby's hat. I think I'm going to do a staghorn cable and ribbing on it. I also picked up a pack of cable needles, the one with the dip in it being what I really wanted, but they only had this pack of three. I don't like the hook looking ones, I drop my stitches all of the time with them. And the brown yarn hasn't got a purpose yet.. I just liked that color that particular night I guess, hehe!

And now, I'm sitting here working on this! The cabled scarf the Bamboo Ewe is intended for. Pattern can be found here! It's super soft and I think it's going to be really warm since the cables make it a bit thicker! This is the 1st 16 rows of the pattern and it's just repeats from here. I'm currently on row 8 of the repeats and it's going much quicker this time, hoping it continues on that pattern because I'm a bit slow as far as knitting is concerned lol

I'm sorry if this post was a bit boring.. reading through it, it does sound so. But we really haven't done much around here this week.. it's been boring. But alas, that's all the time I have for writing. Lil man is requiring some mommy attention, and I do need to fix him some lunch, I'm thinking pizza rolls, and I really need to get back to cleaning the house. Knitting is taking up all of my attention, but I also need to get to work on the 4 Marios.. or at least try to.. I think it's going to require lots of tylenol before I can start on them since crocheting is hurting my hand something awful the last few days :(

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I'll write again soon when something new happens! Oh and hopefully I will have a new pattern post soon too!

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