Saturday, August 6, 2011

July Projects

I had a very busy July I think! I meant to write up this post the other day, and never got the chance to get back on here to do so. So a week later, here is the promised post of all the crochet goodies going on at The Ridge!

Got more work done on our bedroom blanket! Since these photos were taken, 20 more squares have been added to it! It's already so snugly and very warm! Too warm for right now in 100 degree weather, but it will be perfect for this fall and winter! I just hope I get it done before then!

I took a minute to put a border around a blanket I received as a gift from the marching band (8 years ago!) I was in, in high school! I've always loved this blanket since it's soooo cuddly and warm and very soft. But it did lack prettiness as far as looks go. Luckily it already had a blanket stitch around it to begin with, so all I had to do was add the border. I'm very happy with how it turned out!  

I finally gave my cushion a back and I LOVE it!! This cushion is so bright and colorful. Unfortunately, not everyone in the house agrees with it's loveliness, hubby isn't a bit fond of it. Lil man and myself quiet enjoy it though!

I finished a pom pom hat for an order, and of course lil man had to try it on! If you're interested in the pattern, it's my own "Pom Pom Hat" that I have posted on my blog :) it works up very quickly!

This little guy goes to the same kiddo that the hat goes too! I really hope he enjoys him as much as my son does! Lil man LOVES green, so you can imagine!

Then I have these too hats to finish.. should have them done within the week if I can find the time to get to them. All I need on the green is a green and white flower. The lion hat just needs its mane (which it has more now than it does here). These go to my aunt and uncle, I really hope they like them! I will be writing up the pattern for the green hat if anyone is interested. I should have it posted in a week or so!

And then as far as my knitting goes, I have FINALLY figured out how to 'knit 2, purl 2' and I am SOOOOO sooooo happy!! I'm not sure what exactly was my problem with figuring this out, but I've pinned it down to one main thing. The way I was doing my knitting just wasn't working out. I was knitting holding the yarn in my left hand, then when I needed to purl, I was switching it to my right. So, I went on to try and learn how to purl holding in my left.. definite no go there! I can knit very fast holding the yarn in my left hand, so I really didn't want to switch, but in the end I did and I think it has definitely helped me out!

So this is the back of lil man's sweater!! I had to frog the other one because after getting a good few inches in, I decided to measure his chest. Why I didn't do that before I started, I don't know. It was a sad night On The Ridge! The back of the sweater was measuring 14 inches across.. lil man's chest circumference is only 20 inches. Ah.. I was a very sad about this! So I've changed yarns, and I changed the bottom of the sweater because I wasn't liking the way the stockinette stitch was curling. I know that's what it's supposed to do and that's what the pattern calls for, but it would really bug me and I'd be constantly pulling it down on him! 

All in all, I think I was very busy in July! Let's hope August is just as productive!

Oh! I almost forgot, I made that bunting I was talking about in my last post! It's very pretty :) Hubby said it looked like we were having a birthday party, but I don't care a bit, I like it!

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  1. All of your projects look great - I especially like your bedroom blanket. :)