Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Knit.. purl.. knit.. purl..

It has to be said.. *gasp!* I think I like knitting better than crochet on certain levels! Such as.. I like knitting for clothes, hats, socks.. well okay, anything wearable! As you can see, I have been busy. I don't knit fast, but it's getting there. So I completed the back of the sweater in a record of 5 days! Woo hoo!! I keep unfolding it to pet it and daydream longingly about my lil man wearing it! He's going to look pretty darn handsome if I do say so myself!

Now.. I did have a few problems with this things, as only a beginner would I suppose. I had to figure out how to do the ribbing (thank you YouTube!), that was fun.. I've now done it to a hat \/ down there \/ and I'm super excited that it's now easy after watching that video and seeing how the lady is holding everything. I haven't got anyone in real life to teach me.. so I have to go somewhere and YouTube is definitely the next best thing because the people break it down really easy for you. My book I got came with a DVD and the girl on there works so fast that she completely lost me, and it only shows you how to do the knit and purl stitch. Kinda need to know how to do more than that, ya know?

Now, I'm sure if an experienced knitter looked at the back of this sweater, they'd automatically find where I messed up. I know where it is, so I can spot it right off the bat. See up there, at the top of it about the 3rd row into the dark green... yeahhhhhhhh.. I TOTALLY messed it up! Now, at the time, I had NO CLUE on how I did this.. could not begin to understand WHY I started a row and then turned the thing around and went back to the beginning... WTF was I thinking?? was going through my head! I didn't notice I had done this until I had done 2 whole rows ON TOP of the messed up spot. Once I noticed it, my brain went into complete panic mode! Pretty much told my son "don't talk, don't touch me, don't even breath!!" because I had to take out the stitches, slowly but surely, and put them back on my needle, then take out the next row, slowly but surely, then part of the NEXT row, soooooo slowly but surely! And I should mention, I do NOT know how to do this.. sooo.. that's probably why you can see the messed up spot.. I don't think I had the loops turned right or something.. no clue. It was a tense 20 minutes or so of me doing this. I knew I wasn't doing it right.. but hoped and prayed that it would look, ya know, alright once I got it all done. I think it does.. I hope it does anyways.

On the way to work, my subconscious must have been on because I realized just how I did this. I had gotten up to get my son something to eat and drink. Instead of finishing the row, I just left it laying there. Whenever I got back, I picked it up, wondered why my yarn was on the back of the needles (I was on a purl row), and just simply continued knitting the row.. didn't think a thing of it. It's lucky, I guess, that whenever I do a few rows, I always stretch it out to see how it looks. Of course, I didn't do that for another 2 rows, apparently, but when I seen that, I literally about cried!

Then.. the other hard part.. oh I wish I had taken a picture of this one.. you guys probably would have laughed! The pattern reads as this:

Bind off 15 (17, 19) sts at beg of next 2 rows. Bind off
remaining 28 sts for Back Neck.

I had to read it many many many times, to kind of understand what it was saying. I had to read the directions for the front to get some idea. The front tells me to have 15 stitches left on each shoulder. The back, to me, says NOTHING about that! Sooo.. what did I do.. I did 15 stitches, bound off the 29 (I have an extra stitch.. have since the beginning and didn't feel like ripping it all out, so I had to make it work) and then knit 15 for the other shoulder. Turned the work, went to YouTube to figure out how to bind off in purl (never again!!!) and bound off one shoulder. THEN.. I had 15 stitches left on the other shoulder and NO CLUE how to get to them. Soooo.. in my newby knitterness, I tied off the shoulder I was working on, then went to the other shoulder and added a new strand of yarn so that I could bind off the other shoulder. I'm sure I did that all kinds of wrong.. but I did it.. it's done. That is all that matters!

My other project I've been working on, is a hat to go with this sweater. Due to some advice I had on one of my comments, I went in search of a 40-60 in. cord to go with my interchangable needles I bought. Hobby Lobby doesn't carry anything longer than 29 in. which is what I already had. So.. searched around the net for more suggestions as to what length of cord would work the best for the size I'm trying to make. Came up with a 12 in. cord and it is working perfect! Or well, perfect for a toddler-adult head anyways. Anything smaller than a toddler hat, I don't think it would work at all. So I am definitely planning on buying a set from Knit Picks.. it seems that they have the best as far as flexibility goes, which is what I'm needing. I have SOOOO much baby yarn lying around, so I'm planning on making a ton of little hats from it and donating them to the hospital that my son was born in. I just hope I can get the needles and cords soon.. I have a birthday coming up next month, so maybe it can be my gift to myself :)

Now, to all my knitting followers, what do you like best as far as needles, wood, nickel plated, zephyr acrylic? I'm thinking I've been using the nickel plated, but I really have no idea.. they're Yarnology brand.. so whatever those are? The site has a package where you can buy all three at once, but since money is a little tight, I have to go easy on what I get and when I get it. So give me some suggestions :)

Anyways.. this post has become a bit longer than I had planned.. my lil man has woke up, my hubby's papaw came over to say hey for a minute and pick hubby up for a day of work at their house, and I'm passed due for some coffee! So I hope everyone has a great day!
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