Thursday, September 15, 2011


Hello! So sorry for the long absence! I hope everyone is happy, warm, and in good health :)

It's a cooooooold, blustery, rainy, fall day here in Eastern Kentucky! Brrr! I stepped out to throw something to my hubby to take to the curb for the trash and quickly shut the door back! All I had on was capris and no socks, so I felt it for sure! Most definitely will be pulling out my thick fleece jacket for this weather. I normally don't like this kind of weather... but lately I've decided it's not so bad as long as I'm in the house watching it all happen from my window.. I can handle that just fine. The birds don't seem to mind and seem to be very happy that I still have the feeder plenty full for them. I had over 20 birds out there the other day enjoying the free food! I can't say that I blame them at all for it :)

Since we haven't really been up to too much lately, I'm just going to go through so quick pics I've taken over the last few days! Enjoy!

Tommy cat has really been enjoying the cool breeze coming in through the windows! He'll sit for hours as long as he's undisturbed and just watch the day go by :)

 I picked these from my mom's rose bush.. they were just buds when I got them and by the next morning they looked like this! Aren't they gorgeous! And oh my did they smell SOOOO good!! I love roses :)

My lil man is finally getting to where he'll give you great hugs! I just LOVE it! He'll come up to me and give me a big hug and tell me "I miss you mommy, I wuvs you mommy!" It melts my heart!

Then the other day I actually got him to sit still for a minute so that I could grab some fall portraits of him. I'm so excited! Thanks to, I'll soon have them sent to me in the mail and put up in frames around the house and passed out to friends and family!

This is the one I got for all of the portraits.. I just love this picture!

Ah he just melts my heart! I love him so much!