Saturday, July 7, 2012

I'm back!

Well for anyone that may possibly follow my blog.. I'm back! :) Lots of things happened over the course of the last few months.. been SUPER busy! Top of the list is I'm pregnant! We are expecting a little girl, Ansleigh Jane, due on the 14th of next month. I'm ecstatic and cannot wait to meet this little person!

26 Weeks 1 Day

34 Weeks! Growing big and strong!

This little girl is so unlike her brother already! She is MUCH more active in utero than he ever was.. making this mommy double over very often after having a foot jabbed into my rib cage! And I'm telling ya, she better come out with SOME form of hair on her head after all the heartburn I've been having! I never once had it with him and he was nearly bald with just a hint of peach fuzz :) But I'm loving all of this.. I'm loving all the braxton hicks I've been having, all the cramping, the uncomfortable moments, the restless sleep, the inability to get comfortable at night, the going pee every little bit since she thinks my bladder is a trampoline in the middle of the night.. I'm loving it all, I'm cherishing every minute of it. If you've been following my blog, you understand why. I'm so ready to have this little girl in my life. And especially if she is my last, I'm going to enjoy every minute of pregnancy that I can, since it really is such a short period of time compared to the rest of her life.

The busy part is the fact that I've been making a ton of stuff for her and the nursery over the course of the last few months, that I've really just haven't had a chance to write. And I've so missed writing on here and sharing my day with anyone that wants to know about it. But I'm back.. and plan to update whenever I get the chance :)

I'm going to write a follow up post right after this one with all of the items I've made this beautiful little girl, be looking for it!

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