Sunday, July 29, 2012

O... M... G!

So.. as I sat in the recliner yesterday afternoon while my son took his nap.. enjoying watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix, it hits me.. within a matter of days I will be holding my sweet, adorable, baby girl! Days! Not months, no longer more than 20 days away.. 16 DAYS to be a matter of fact! And that's if she decides to hang out until her EDD! In just a matter of days, there will be another living, breathing, human being in this house! I probably will no longer be sitting there enjoying the quiet while my son takes a nap.. a fact that I've come to realize will soon end since he is 4 now.. don't most kids stop napping by now or soon after? 

I hope he always lets me rock him for his naps.. I just love to look down and see this sweet face <3
 Emotions about this range from nervous to excited.

Excited because of the obvious, I'm very ready to meet my little Ansleigh Jane. I can't wait.. daddy can't wait, bubby can't wait, all family can't wait! We're all so very excited! We've all been dreaming of this day that we would have another little person added to our family.

But nervous.. very nervous because we'll be going from having a routine.. having to relearn a new schedule. We're all pretty set on what we do every day.. Jonah plays and watches movies, I browse online or craft, Chris watches TV or plays his guitar or goes metal detecting. We all have hobbies and habits that we're used to.. we've had 4 years to get to this point with Jonah. And now? Well now it's all about to change and that's a VERY scary thought! I don't remember feeling like this when I was pregnant and very close to the end with Jonah.. I was just excited! If Chris was nervous, I really don't remember.. he seemed just as excited as myself.

Plus, I'm really hoping Jonah adjusts to having a sissy quickly. I expect him to act out, which he's already starting to do more and more as the time comes nearer.. or he's just being a bit more sensitive and emotional over everything! I expect him to feel like he's not getting enough attention, because in all reality, it's been only him for 4 years now. He's not had to share mommy and daddy, or any other family members. It's just been him. His world is about to turn upside down from normal, to a new picture. And I think, as much as I talk to him about it, it's not going to sink in until sissy is actually here. I dread it. He's a big mommy's boy.. always has been.

I don't regret adding to our family at all! I'm just scared of the first few months that it takes to adjust to this new, living, breathing little person that's soon to enter our family. It's going to be fun, interesting, and challenging at times, but I think we'll all make it in the end. Families do this every day.. so surely it's not so bad! Right?

So I've been trying to be more patient with him.. and give him lots of love and attention. He's come to insist on rocking in "Answeigh's woom" before his naps. As of right now, he loves the 'idea' of sissy.. he gives her (my belly) lots of hugs and kisses and talks to her. I just hope that once she's here, this continues. Only time will tell!

Helping me make muffins this morning :) It's become our weekend ritual.. because lets face it, muffins are awesome!